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Nordic refreshments

The Nordic working paper to the NPT RevCon was a refreshing rejection of the security dimension of nuclear weapons—something more European countries would do well to follow

By Torbjørn Graff Hugo
30 June 2015

In NPT Working Paper 15, presented at the Review Conference in May, the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) outlined their joint recommendations to the meeting, with a particular focus on the disarmament pillar. The paper covers a broad range of disarmament-related issues, but is notable for three aspects in particular.

Saying no to nukes

Scandinavian security choices in an age of proliferation, 1945–1968

By Fredrik Grønning Lie
4 September 2014

In this background paper, Fredrik Lie explores the critical years for nuclear proliferation in Norway and Sweden. A nuclear security strategy was seriously considered by authorities in both countries, but a variety of  political considerations combined to keep Scandinavia free of nuclear weapons. Norway, however, joined NATO’s nuclear umbrella.