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We need to talk about the nuclear bomb

Op-Ed: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg must see the elephant in the room: the role of nuclear weapons in the future of our defense

By Kjølv Egeland and Lars-Christian U. Talseth
30 September 2014

Ever since the organization was founded in 1949, NATO has regularly been deemed to be on the verge of dissolution, in crisis, at a “crossroads”, and heading for the dustbin of history. But every time, NATO has managed to renew itself and find new tasks. One reason  for this is pragmatic. As modern relationships go, member states have managed to salvage the marriage by giving each other room for maneuver—space to be themselves. The considerable autonomy each country has to make their own choices, and the opportunity to criticize the Alliance’s common policies, has been the institution’s recipe for success.