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Implications of a nuclear weapons ban treaty for Japan

Japan—both a nuclear umbrella state and the only country to have suffered attacks by nuclear weapons—will be facing some very difficult decisions as the process towards a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons moves forward.

By Nobuo Hayashi  and Hirofumi Tosaki 
November 2016

On 27 October 2016, the UN General Assembly’s First Committee voted to commence negotiations in 2017 for the adoption of a legally-binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons. This latest development in the movement known as the “Humanitarian Initiative” comes at a time when the divide between the proponents and opponents of a nuclear weapons ban has become increasingly entrenched.

The splits

While painful for some, the disappearance of the middle ground in the international nuclear weapons debate is not necessarily a bad thinght_jean_claude_van_damme_volvo_truck_split_ll_131115_16x9_992

By Magnus Løvold
5 November 2015

The international debate on nuclear weapons has always, in a sense, been polarized. Ever since the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1970 divided the world into nuclear-weapon states and non-nuclear-weapon states—between a group of five “haves” and a vast majority of “have-nots”—the nuclear weapons debate has oscillated between two fundamentally incompatible ideas: the notion that nuclear weapons somehow provide national security and/or increase global stability, on the one hand, and the notion that these weapons are unacceptable, destabilizing and must be eliminated, on the other.