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The humanitarian initiative

A brief introduction to the humanitarian initiative on nuclear weapons

By Lars Jørgen Røed

In this background paper, Lars Jørgen Røed provides an introduction to the humanitarian initiative on nuclear weapons, including a brief history of how humanitarian concerns have been part of the debate since 1945. For an overview of the key events of the humanitarian initiative since 2010, see Humanitarian Initiative at a Glance.

The humanitarian initiative at a glance

An overview of the most important meetings and events of the humanitarian initiative in the field of nuclear disarmament


A global discussion about the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons has intensified in recent years. This brief overview presents excerpts from key documents and statements in this discussion, and combines this with information drawn from the statistical report Counting to Zero about the role that different States have played in support of this initiative.

Humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons

The consequences of using nuclear weapons

By Stein-Ivar Lothe Eide, Torbjørn Graff Hugo and Christian Holmboe Ruge

“The risk of a nuclear weapon detonation is arguably greater today than it was at the height of the Cold War,” says Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide in the foreword to a new publication compiled by ILPI.

Summarizing the presentations made at the Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, the report presents some of the consequences that can be expected from any use of nuclear weapons, and explains in brief terms why the international community would struggle to provide adequate, timely and appropriate assistance to those affected by any such disaster.