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Chemical weapons and law enforcement under international law

An overview of the legal status of chemical weapons: prohibitions, obligations and exceptions.

December 2016


The use of chemical weapons is subject to comprehensive prohibitions under international law. Not only is the use of chemical weapons implicitly prohibited by the general rule of distinction under international humanitarian law (IHL), most imaginable uses of chemical weapons would contravene the proportionality rule under human rights law.

The Chemical Weapons Convention

The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the law enforcement exception


The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) opened for signature in 1993 after more than a decade of negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament (CD). It entered into force in 1997 and has, as of January 2016, 190 States Parties.

Jumping the hurdles

Obstacles and opportunities for inclusive multilateral disarmament

By Torbjørn Graff Hugo & Kjølv Egeland
18 December 2014

Disarmament and international security is an issue that concerns all state in the world, yet not all states have traditionally been active in moving this agenda forward. In this background paper we take a closer look at the numbers behind the assumption, with a particular focus on recent multilateral arms control and disarmament meetings. The data show, not surprisingly, that developing states tend to be underrepresented on these arenas, but also that certain measures seem to be effective in terms of increasing their participation. We analyse and discuss some of the root causes of this ‘development gap’, and end with a set of policy recommendations that stakeholders may want to consider in their efforts to improve the inclusiveness of multilateral disarmament processes.