Nuclear weapons under international law: an overview

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This summary of the international law as it applies to nuclear weapons is based on Nuclear Weapons Under International Law, edited by Gro Nystuen, Annie Golden Bersagel and Stuart Casey-Maslen, and published by Cambridge University Press in August 2014.

By Geneva Academy and ILPI

This summary of Nuclear Weapons Under International Law describes the regulation and status of nuclear weapons under international law, assessing applicable law as it stands (lex lata) and not as one might wish it to be (lex desiderata). Sixteen international lawyers contributed to the book: Stuart Casey-Maslen, Louise Doswald-Beck, Annie Golden Bersagel, Torbjørn Graff Hugo, Nobuo Hayashi, Cecilie Hellestveit, Daniel H. Joyner, Erik V. Koppe, Martina Kunz, Don MacKay, Daniel Mekonnen, Jasmine Moussa, Gro Nystuen, Simon O’Connor, Marco Roscini, and Jorge E. Viñuales.