Nuclear Weapons under International Law – An Overview

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ILPI’s Senior Partner Dr. Gro Nystuen together with Dr. Stuart Casey-Maslen and Annie Bersagel, edited a book titled Nuclear Weapons Under International Law which was published at Cambridge University Press in September 2014

Edited by Gro NystuenStuart Casey-Maslen, & Annie Bersagel

Unique in its approach, the book draws upon contributions from expert legal scholars and international law practitioners who have worked with conventional and non-conventional arms control and disarmament issues. As a result, this book embraces academic consideration of legal questions within the context of broader political debates about the status of nuclear weapons under international law.

Thhere.e overview of the book published by the International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI) and Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights is available for download.

Nuclear Weapons Under International Law – An Overview describes the regulation and status of nuclear weapons under international law, assessing applicable law as it stands. It constitutes a brief summary of the content of the book Nuclear Weapons Under International Law.

Download the pdf.