Category: Policy Papers

This section contains policy briefs aimed at critically reviewing different pathways towards nuclear elimination. ILPI encourages readers to share their views and opinions on the different articles and arguments.

The ICC & nuclear weapons

On the adoption of a legal mechanism that explicitly addresses the use of nuclear weapons

By Torbjørn Graff Hugo

Why an explicit reference to nuclear weapons in the definition of War Crimes under the Statutes of the International Criminal Court should not be a priority.

A ban on the use of nuclear weapons?

Examining the effectiveness of an isolated ban on use of nuclear weapons


This paper has been produced by the ILPI Nuclear Weapons Project in order to draw attention to some key arguments in on-going discussions on how to frame a potential prohibition of nuclear weapons. The paper discusses whether an isolated ban on use of nuclear weapons is a recommendable way forward towards the elimination of nuclear weapons. The conclusion is that such an approach probably will be inadequate, notwithstanding that a call for a ban on use could serve as an important mobilizing factor in a wider context.